Haztrakr Android App

This webpage describes how to install and use the Haztrakr android application.


Haztrakr is available from the android market as a free application or click here to directly install from the apk file. Once installed, it must be activated using the supplied license key.

To use the Android market you must have a Google account (such as a GMail account). If you don't already have a Google account, then the market app on the Android device will guide you through the process of creating one, which is quick and free.

The steps to install Haztrakr are as follows:-

  1. Open the market application on the android device.
  2. Sign in to the market with your Google account. (The app may skip this step, if you've previously signed-in.)
  3. Tap the magnifying glass on the opening screen, and search for "Haztrakr".
  4. Tap Haztrakr in the list of search results, to bring up its info screen.
  5. In the Haztrakr info screen tap Install (FREE) to start the installation process.
  6. On the next screen tap OK to complete the installation (and grant permission for Haztrakr to access the internet, etc...).
  7. Haztrakr will then be installed as a normal android app. It can be started by tapping its icon, found in the device's applications screens.


When first started Haztrakr will request a license key by showing the following screen:-

Enter the license key and tap Get License (this process requires internet access). If the key's valid, then Haztrakr goes straight to its normal start screen (as described below), and no further licensing is required.

If the key's not valid, then Haztrakr returns to the License Required screen. The most likely reason for this is a typing error when entering the key. Re-enter the key and try again.

Using Haztrakr

When Haztrakr starts it activates the android device's GPS to determine its location. GPS performance varies, and it may take some minutes for the GPS to determine the location from scratch. Updating an already determined location is usually significantly faster. While it's waiting for the initial location Haztrakr shows the following screen:-

Once it knows where it is, Haztrakr queries the server for the nearest sites, and displays them in a list like this:-

Tapping on Refresh rechecks the location and reloads the list. Tapping on a site in the list brings up detailed chemical information for the site:-

To go back to the list of sites from the detailed information, use the android device's back button.

Common Problems

Haztrakr doesn't actually store any data on the android device itself. It fetches all the data it needs from the server as it's needed. This ensures that the information displayed is always up to date, however it does require internet access in order to contact the server.

If Haztrakr exits with an android system "Force Close" message, the most likely cause is that it wasn't able to access the internet. Check for the number of bars of cell phone coverage or the strength of the WiFi signal.