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Santa Ana Fire Department
Riverside Fire Department

0BThe Challenge

California legislators adopted AB 2286, requiring all regulated facilities and Unified Program and Participating Agencies to enter Unified Program data electronically. The integration of this requirement into existing procedures and systems is a challenging task. eCompliance, Inc. offers CUPAs and PAs an easy, affordable and proven solution to the increasing demands for electronic services.

The Haztrakr Solution

The browser-based Haztrakr allows agencies to electronically collect and manage data in accordance with Unified Program standards. It’s a turn-key application with everything you need to get up and running:

· Hosting and Data backup Pick your own web address

· Publish and customize electronic CUPA forms

· Receive and Manage electronic data through web-based forms

· Access data immediately in an emergency

Experience and Expertise

As agencies transition to e-reporting, electronic databases will function as the primary repository for regulatory transactions. It is therefore critically important that agencies ensure the legal credibility of their data. eCompliance provides the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that electronic data satisfies judicial standards: the strongest test of data credibility. Haztrakr supports PKI technologies as per the requirements of the State’s Digital Signature Act.

Each form is archived and signed with digital certificates that verify the identity of the sender. Digital signatures ensure the integrity of the data and guarantee that if data is altered in any way, it is invalidated.

1BEmergency Response

Haztrakr treats emergency responders, along with regulators and regulated facilities, as major stakeholders. A specific emergency response interface has been designed to satisfy the unique needs of these users:

· Access Data on your Phone

· SIMPLE Minimal training requirements and access to emergency-relevant information in 3 mouse clicks. Search by any criteria as easily as you would on an Internet search engine. Incorporate existing dispatch-specific information such as District or Fire Management Zones.

· Access Data on your Phone

· Internet-independent access to data

Configure existing laptops to synch with your online server. The data becomes available to responders without an Internet connection.

· Chemical Dictionary and Fire Code Classification Regulated facilities and responders access, through a built-in interface to Aristatek’s PEAC, chemical properties such as boiling point, melting point, LEL, UEL, flash point, auto ignition temperature, vapor pressure, vapor density, ionization energy, published toxicity values and NFPA flammability, reactivity and health ratings. Online tools help facilities determine the fire code classification of their chemicals.

- MSDS Allow (or require) your facilities to upload Material Safety Data Sheets of specific high-hazard pure chemicals or mixtures.

· Facility Maps No system limitations on the size or type of facility maps uploaded by the facility. Easy access to facility maps for responders.

· Unlimited number of users Provide read-only web access to your fire stations, battalion chiefs or other interested parties.

· GIS Automatic lookup of facility latitude and longitude allows for integration with GIS applications


Haztrakr comes pre-built with all CUPA forms, including those elements not in the State data dictionary such as Emergency Response Plans and Procedures, Training parts of the Business Plan and Facility Maps. However the Haztrakr framework is constructed on an extendible framework that will allow agencies to do more:

· Forms Add more forms: Health forms, Plan checks, complaint forms. Use Haztrakr as a one-stop location for all of your online forms

· Integration Migrate Haztrakr data to existing databases

· Online Payments Accept electronic checks and credit cards with Haztrakr’s payment gateway

· Share Multiple agencies can combine to form a regional exchange. Share resources and data – save money